At COTC, Inc.  we want to help you buy your home wisely!  

We want to help you make more informed decisions for sure!  

Our team will introduce you to homeownership programs funded by HUD, USDA, FHA, state programs, tax credit programs and so much more.

Knowledge of these programs is half the battle.  Gaining access to them is the other half.  

Before you buy that dream home, you have to make sure you are prepared.

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Home Buyer Education Workshop Agenda 

Welcome & Introduction

Pre-purchase Decisions

     Deciding to rent or own - advantages and disadvantages 
     Hidden costs of home ownership 

     Fair Housing Act and Georgia Fair Lending Act 

Budgeting & Money Management 
     Setting financial goals
     Developing spending plans and managing debt

Credit & Credit Reports
     Credit awareness and credit scoring
     Obtaining and interpreting your report 

Pre-purchase Planning 
     Types of loans
     Typical lending institutions
     How much can you really afford? 
     Costs of purchasing a home (PITI, down payment, closing costs, fees, PMI, etc.) 

Special Loan Programs
     USDA Rural Development
     GA Dream Home Loans
     Other Programs - FHA, VA, etc. 
     Habitat for Humanity 
     Down payment assistance programs 

Shopping for a House
     Working with Real Estate Agents & Brokers
     Sales contracts
     Fair market values and property appraisals 
     Home inspections, termite bonds and lead paint 

Closing on the Loan 
     Typical closing documents including the Settlement Statement and Truth in Lending Statement
     Title Searches and public search 
     Mortgages and deeds
     Wills and future planning - avoiding cloudy titles 
     Homeowners Insurance 

Q&A, Hand Out Evaluations, Certificates